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Interactive 360-degree panoramas, or virtual tours, are generated by taking a series of overlapping photographs that cover an entire spherical surface as if the photographer was at the center of a sphere. For an accurate panorama the lens must be pivoted about a special point which is called the entrance pupil. The entrance pupil can be thought of as the center of perspective of the lens; all parallax is eliminated by rotating the lens about this point. While not necessary for landscapes or other scenes where the scenery is far way, this pivot point is essential where there are both very near and very far objects in the same scene. The resulting images are stitched together and then mathematically  project onto the inside surface of a sphere, from the viewpoint of an observer at the center of the sphere.

Some examples of tours I have generated for my client are provided below. Click on each image and then click and drag in the oving scene for an interactive experience. I hope you enjoy them!
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Don Castro Regional Park

Your Business

The Oakland Children's Zoo

The Botanical Garden at Tilden Park

Ohlone Basketball Team




Redwood Forest