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Last week we finished portraits for the Santa Clara Women's Soccer team. Click below for a link to the photos:

Santa Clara Women's Soccer Roster


My coverage of Graduation of Santa Clara Student Athletes:

Graduation [June 10, 2016]


I covered the Santa Clara University Bronco Bench Hall of Fame Celebration on May 20:


From my Sunrise Photography program last week at Coyote Hills.

Next up: Sunset Photos, January 23, 2016, at 4:30pm. Registration is free.


From the Bird Gallery 2015 Birds and Blooms Magazine:

Male Magnificent Hummingbird at Smooth Bouvardia (BOUVARDIA GLABERRIMA) – Donald Jedlovec Photography



Interactive Virtual Tour of the Stevens Soccer Training Center at Santa Clara University:


The US Women's Soccer Team celebrated Mother's Day at Avaya Stadium on Sunday:



Tribute to Steve Nash upon his retirement: I have collected my photos from over the years. This collection covers his time with the Suns and the Lakers, 2006 to 2013:

Please checkout my current events and projects on Facebook. Some recent assignments and teaching workshops are summarized below:

Picture Day for Ohlone Softball. Click on the image below for a link to an interactive team panorama.
Picture Day for Santa Clara University Men's Basketball. Click on the composite image below for a link to an interactive team panorama.
I created an image of the Leavey Center. The view is from center court. You can see every seat in the arena! 

October 8 was team picture day for the Santa Clara University Women's Basketball Team. Click on the photo below for an interactive tour of the team:
On May 17, for Santa Clara, I shot the Red and White Celebration. Imagine the Leavey Center arena floor setup for formal dining with 100 tables. What a glorious tribute to Santa Clara Athletics sponsored by the Bronco Bench Foundation!

Bald Eagles - on Saturday, March 29, I am giving a talk at the Coyote Hills Visitor Center. This will be part photo geek and part travelogue as I cover my adventures in what may be the largest congregation of Balds in the lower 48 states. Here is the link:

My macro photo-shoot - King Tide at the Fitzgerald Reserve

October 9, 2013, was Team Photo Day for Santa Clara University Basketball. We had a good time shooting in the high key. Below is a link to the photos.

September 1 was Picture Day for the Ohlone Volleyball team:
I have returned from a week-long photo-shoot in Arizona. I will share my experiences, talk travelogue, and present my photos on September 15 at 4pm at the Coyote Hills Visitors Center. These animals are, clockwise from top left: Blue Throated Hummingbird at Smooth Bouvardia, Broadbilled Hummingbird, and a Black Tailed Rattlesnake.

Up on the roof - a recent assignment took me to the roof of the Leavey Center at Santa Clara University. Click here for the view:

Here is a link to my Filoli Photo-shoot. To my students (Flower Photography) - this is what I'm talking about!
Picture Day for Ohlone Softball:
Please join us for the Flower Photography Class and Workshop, March 9, 9:30am at Coyote Hills:
For the Oakland Zoo, I shot Zoolights. Click on the thumb below to browse the photoshoot:
Here's a link to the Ohlone College Women's Basketball Picture Day:

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